• Rose Window
  • New Front and Side Doors
  • Updated Accessablity Washroom
  • New Windows, Floors, Paint and Cupboards in the common room and kitchen
  • New Gas Furnace
  • New Steel Roof and Replaced Eaves Troughs
  • Audio System - with assistive hearing devices
  • Stair Glide
  • Washrooms
  • Family Friendly
  • Street Level Entrance
  • Large Print Bulletins & Hymn Books

Welcoming & Accessibility 

Arthur United Church History

Arthur Methodist Church was completed in 1894, the church as originally built for worship for the Methodist denomination, before the formation of the United Church Of Canada. The original manse was located on Tucker Street, purchased in the 1890’s. In 1925 Arthur Methodist Church became a part of the United Church of Canada, becoming Arthur United Church. In the 1970’s a new manse was built on Walton St. that is still occupied by our current minister today. Overtime many changes came to be within the church, this included new heating systems, electrical upgrades and a sound system.

About Us/Our History

Open Hearts, Opens Minds, Open Doors

Arthur United Church​

Updates & Renovations

Interesting Facts:

  • There were originally 2 furnaces to heat the building, one for coal and one for wood. (Hence the two chimneys) 

  • There was originally a large chandelier in the middle of the sanctuary, lit by oil lamps for evening services.

  • A door to a planned balcony, that was never built, still exists in the bell tower of the church.